Jennifer Staubach Gates Wins Top Spot on Ballot

Leland Burk and Jennifer Staubach Gates display the numbers they drew in the flag room at City Hall. (Staff photo: Caitlin Adams)

I’m not sure how significant this is, but Jennifer Staubach Gates will be the first name District 13 residents see when they choose their new representative on the City Council.

I just got back from City Hall, where city secretary Rosa Rios conducted drawings to determine placements on the May 11 ballot. The District 13 candidates will be listed in this order:

Jennifer Staubach Gates

Jacob King

Leland Burk

Richard P. Sheridan

Everyone except King was in attendance, but his absence is understandable. After all, he’s still a senior at Bishop Lynch High School.

In District 11, which covers the northeast corner of Preston Hollow, Ori Raphael will be listed ahead of Lee Kleinman.

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