Ursuline’s Request Clears City Plan Commission

Ursuline Academy’s request for a lighted athletic field made it past the City Plan Commission yesterday, after nearly two-and-a-half hours of deliberation and a parade of outspoken friends and neighbors of all ages — folks on both sides of the issue who spent the afternoon gasping, grumbling, steeling themselves, wiping their eyes, hollering, hugging … you name it.  I’m not usually reporting from City Hall, to be fair, but I’ve never seen the council chambers so packed or full of public energy.

The school’s application still has to clear the City Council, and it comes with all sorts of stipulations that I’ll explain in our March 1 paper. But for now, Ursuline and its supporters — many of whom called this a step forward for girls’ athletics — are celebrating a victory. Adjacent neighbors aren’t so thrilled.

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