HPISD Gifts: February Edition

Reported donations to Highland Park ISD were right around $138,000 this month.

Here’s how they all shook out:

$70,000 from the Armstrong-Bradfield Preschool Association, to be split equally between Armstrong (for kindergarten and first-grade literacy staff development and supplies) and — you guessed it — Bradfield (for professional development, instructional materials, technology, educational speakers and programs, and books).

$26,000 from the Armstrong PTA to go toward books, bookshelves, and supplies

$15,622 as in-kind donations from the Highland Park Sports Club: a $6,245 “Tumble Track training device” for HPHS gymnastics; 18 rain/wind suits worth $5,600 for the girls golf team; dynamic weights, a stationary bike, and training ropes valued at $1,927, collectively, for the girls basketball team; and $1,850 in clothing and golf bags for the boys golf program.

A $10,000 check made out directly to HPISD from Sam and Cheryl Wyly

$6,000 from the Park Cities Dads’ Club for netbook carts at Bradfield Elementary

$3,390 from the Park Cities Asian American Families, to go toward books at Armstrong Elementary’s library

$3,000 from the Park Cities Dads’ Club Golf Classic for staff-development travel expenses at Hyer Elementary, and another $1,000 from the Dads to go toward unspecified needs at McCulloch Intermediate School (that one’s “in recognition of their winning third place in the 2012-13 Park Cities Dads’ Golf Club Classic”)

$2,000 from Abbott Labs/FIRST to be applied to the high school’s robotics fund

$1,000 from the Highland Park Education Foundation to support the HPHS drum line

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