Middle School Cafeteria is Cramping Highland Park’s Style

HPISD wants to expand the cafeteria space at Highland Park Middle School, according to the UP Planning and Zoning Commission. Any changes to campuses on University Park ground must first go through this commission, then the City Council. Yesterday’s commission meeting lasted about two minutes, during which time I learned that 11 parking spots will be lost but “gained back with reconfiguration.”

Somewhere across town, Georgia was checking out this same scoop at the HPISD board of trustees meeting. We’ll put our heads together and get you more updates.

Now give me some of your tots.

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One thought on “Middle School Cafeteria is Cramping Highland Park’s Style

  • February 13, 2013 at 9:18 am

    They mentioned it quickly at PTA yesterday, too. so…. $3.3 Million???? And not done until late Sept… Mommas, get your lunch sacks ready. I’d like to see a diagram posted of what we get for that money.


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