If Someone Walks Into Your Office And Asks For Directions, Consider Carefully Before Giving Them

As promised before, here are some of the more entertaining crimes that occurred in your ‘hood last week. It’s just a taste of what can be found in the police blotter every week, so make sure to pick up a copy of Preston Hollow People to keep an eye on crime.

Around 10 a.m. on Jan. 5, a burglar broke into a black SUV at the Town North YMCA and stole a $300 yellow Coach purse containing a $2,500 purple Prada wallet and $180 cash. Two things stand out to me here. Firstly, it’s slightly amusing (read: confusing) to me that the wallet costs more than eight times the amount of the purse. Isn’t that like wrapping a really, really fancy gift in butcher paper? But maybe that’s the point. Secondly, ladies, pleasepleaseplease stop leaving your purses in your vehicles while you work out. Aren’t there lockers at the Y? I read so many reports each week where cars at the city’s various Ys are broken into and (expensive) purses and items are almost always stolen.

On Jan. 6, a pair of thieves entered Glamour Shots at NorthPark Center. While one of the suspects distracted an employee, the other went to the back to “use the bathroom.” The employee heard a camera flash go off and shortly thereafter, the suspect returned from the back and said he would return to schedule an appointment. After the pair left, the employee discovered an expensive camera and a remote transceiver with a combined value of more than $1,200 was missing. Something about this just seems “off” to me. Were there no other employees present? Video cameras? This theft just seems way to easy to me.

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Here’s another one that amuses and confuses me. Sometime between the morning of Feb. 5 and noon on Feb. 6, a ne’er-do-well stole both license plates from a red van in the 3900 block of West Northwest Highway. I see this theft fairly often, too. I don’t understand what good someone else’s plates would do you, unless you have none. In that case, I guess you just hope that the plates are never run and that you can enjoy what appears to be legal driving, for a short time, at least?

At around noon on Jan. 7., two criminals walked into Sewell Automotive’s corporate office in the 3800 block of West Northwest Highway and asked for directions. When an employee turned to look at her computer, one of the pair reached over the counter and stole her  iPhone. This is the third time in two weeks that I’ve read a report of a pair of thieves asking for directions before stealing a phone from the desk of the person trying to help them. Moral of the story: if someone walks into your place of business and asks for directions, don’t help them. Okay fine, help them, but only after removing your purse, wallet, office phone, pens, notepads, box of tissues, and anything else of value from your desk.

Lastly, at around 7 p.m. on Jan. 7, a thief stole $10 cash and a Visa credit card from the purse of a diner at Buca di Beppo in the 7400 block of Park Lane. Luckily for this woman, the card was later recovered, but in most cases, it’s not. I read multiple reports each week of credit cards, cash, or entire wallets being stolen from the purses of diners. Usually the purses are hung on the back of chairs, out of sight, and easily accessible for any pickpocket who sees an opportunity and takes it. Ladies, please be aware of your purses at all times while dining, or maybe invest in one of these? Sure, it looks a little cheesy, but at least it keeps your purse right next to you and off the floor.

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