W.T. White Art Classes Need Your Odds And Ends

New W.T. White ceramics teacher Katherine Nelson didn’t send us this list directly — someone who’s looking out for her did — but here ’tis, with the email subject line “Weird List of Needs.” Maybe you’d like to unload a few things and help some aspiring artists in the process.

Electric frying pan (old and nasty is fine, as long as it works)

Old candles and candle nubs (we need to melt the wax)

Old blender

Electric drill (not battery operated)

Paint-mixer attachment for an electric drill

old rubber scrapers (or parts)

Large spoons — wooden, plastic, etc.

Soup ladles


Other large kitchen utensils

Liquid measuring cups with handles and pour spouts

Old plastic pitchers

Tupperware-type containers — preferably with lids, but not necessary


Garbage bags (new, not used)



Old, nasty washcloths

To donate such items, drop Nelson a line at kanelson@dallasisd.org. School employees and students can just swing by Room 117.

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