Snider Plaza Donut Business Makes Trivia a Tasty Treat

A trivia question is posted each day on the case behind owner Aeshin Kim. On this day, it was “What female was Woody Allen’s most frequent co-star during the 1980s?” Answer: Mia Farrow. (Staff photo: Allison Slomowitz)

By SARAH BENNETT/Park Cities People

Nothing goes with coffee and crullers like a brainteaser. Each morning, Mustang Donuts proves this by posting a trivia question and rewarding lucky guessers with a free glazed doughnut.

Where do these questions come from? One source: Trivial Pursuit game cards. Surprised? The questions cover six categories, ranging from sports to music to politics.

“Some guys are really good at sports questions, and maybe 90 percent of the time they’ll get sports right, but we don’t have a sports question every day,” owner Aeshin Kim said.

If you think these questions are easy to Google while the cashier rings up your morning order, think again. The questions frequently call for highly specific information. One example: What type of vegetable is the sharpshooter, the result of cross breeding prolific El Toro with rot-resistant Montello and mildew-proof Alpha?

“Some days, nobody gets the question right; some days, we have easy questions for kids, like Disney questions,” Kim said. “A glazed doughnut is only 75 cents, but people like to challenge themselves.”

Caruth Hills resident Joel Thornton is one such individual. He’s been keeping up with the trivia questions for two to three years.

“My kids always want doughnuts on Saturday morning or any morning during school holidays,” Thornton said. “I usually won’t go there wanting a doughnut myself, but if I get the trivia right, that one’s my doughnut!”

But the questions didn’t always come from a game card.

“I would occasionally get those trivia questions in the early ’90s,” University Park resident Carolyn Bender remembered. “It was all about the Bible, and I was teaching Sunday School, so I was kind of in that mode.”

If you pop in to test your knowledge, don’t forget that this Snider Plaza hotspot, which just celebrated its 30th anniversary, is cash only.


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