Lamplighter Hosts Bill Nye The Science Guy

Becky Logsdon, Bill Nye, and Ana Casanova (Photo: Lamplighter School)

Bill Nye the Science Guy spoke at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science last Wednesday as part of the Lamplighter School’s Dolores Evans Speaker Series. Many in attendance were impressed by his presentation, including Lamplighter teacher Ana Casanova, who thought it “was incredible to hear such an inspiring man talk about his passion for education and science literacy.” Casanova said Nye “certainly left his mark on me” while growing up watching him on TV. As a teacher of young children, she still finds him “fascinating and so entertaining.”

Another Lamplighter teacher, Becky Logsdon, also explained how Nye was a fixture in her early science education. “His passion for science and for exploring the world is just as evident now as when I was watching him in the 1990s,” Logsdon said. “Now that I, too, am a teacher, I appreciate his commitment to making science exciting, rich, complicated, and intriguing for kids.”

Pick up this week’s edition of Preston Hollow People to read more about Nye’s lecture.

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