Things I Learned From Troy Aikman This Week

I follow Highland Park resident Troy Aikman on Twitter. Just in the past week, I learned:

  • Troy watched the ESD Eagles play basketball Tuesday night and thinks they are well-coached.
  • Troy ate at TJ’s Seafood Market for the first time Friday and thinks it is “outstanding.”
  • Troy thinks Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback ever.
  • Troy thinks Larry Allen’s election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a slam dunk.
  • Troy is no longer in the car business.
  • Troy is no longer in the country music business.
  • Troy has no plans to enter the coaching business because it would eat up too much of his time with his daughters.
  • Troy does not like home-field advantage in the World Series being determined by who wins the All Star Game.
  • Troy is hosting a Super Bowl party at his house, just as he does whenever he’s not calling the game.

I feel like Troy and I are old friends. I eagerly await my invitation to Sunday’s shindig.

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