Snider Plaza Shop Supports Elephantine Cause

Highland Park graduate Brittany Mesec has long been a fixture and an employee at Christy M. Boutique, her mother’s Snider Plaza clothing store. Personally, I’ve banned myself from the premises because I’ve never been able to walk in without buying something genuinely cute, even when I was there to interview the Mesecs for a story a couple years back. It’s a problem. But moving on.

Brittany, who’s now a student at Texas Christian University, has added a blurb to the boutique’s regular newsletter about a cause dear to her heart: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Orphan’s Project. And she wants you to know that if you donate $50 to the trust, you’ll help care for a baby elephant for one year and support its rehabilitation at Kenya’s Tsavo National Park.

That said, until I was writing this blog post, I didn’t connect the dots that Daphne Sheldrick, a woman whose Time questionnaire moved and upset me — in a good way — last summer, is the nonprofit’s founder. She started it in the ’70s in memory of her husband, and has since lived and worked in the Nairobi National Park, caring for elephants whose parents are killed by poachers. Seems her work has gotten Brittany’s attention, too.

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