St. Mark’s Gets Creative With The YouTube

St. Mark’s yearly fundraiser always has a theme, be it “Dancing With the Stars” or a night with a safari feel. This time around, it’s “social networking” — which is pretty danged creative, if you ask me, because it lends itself to kids’ interests and constant promotion. But we’ll get to that in a second.

The Celebrate St. Mark’s party is in April. In the meantime, anyone in the school community can create and submit a YouTube video — of almost any genre and any length — that will play at the big event if it makes a finalist round. And the grand prize isn’t too shabby:  $2,500 to spend at the Apple Store.

I’ve just watched everything in the “Mark Mash” category, for the record, and can’t help but like this one. And this one. And definitely this one, from a gaggle of first-graders. Ha.

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