Thanks For The Plug, Highland Park DPS

I got an email last week from a loyal reader and Highland Park resident who was out of town. A neighbor of his got in touch with him to let him know that three Department of Public Safety officers were handcuffing someone outside the reader’s house on Arcady. When the reader called the DPS to get an explanation, he was told, “There’s no offense that a citizen needs to be concerned about, but it will be reported in Park Cities People next week.” Nice!

As it turns out, a man and woman were knocking on doors, selling vacuum cleaners without a solicitor’s permit. A resident called the DPS to complain, and when officers arrived, the salespeople were getting into their vehicle to leave the scene. Officers interviewed the pair and discovered there was a warrant out for the man’s arrest; he was taken into custody. The woman was released at the scene and told she could not knock on doors without a permit.

Update: Sgt. Lance Koppa, spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, told me he’s listened to the phone call from the concerned reader, and Park Cities People was never mentioned. Perhaps the reader was too anxious/excited about the prospect of a break-in and misheard the dispatcher.

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