Half-Pint Humanitarians Inspire at Luncheon

Isabelle and Katherine Adams highlight their handmade Christmas ornaments

There were loads of impressive people at the National Philanthropy Luncheon on Nov. 30, and I hope you’ll read all about the various honorees (including Preston Hollow residents Sarah Losinger and Abby and Todd Williams) in this Friday’s Preston Hollow People. In the meantime, I wanted to shine an extra spotlight on Providence Christian School students Isabelle Adams (age 9) and Katherine Adams (age 6), who were jointly awarded the title of Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy at the event.

Since watching a YouTube video by Living Water International highlighting the water problem in Ethiopia, the girls have been making and selling original origami creations which have raised thousands of dollars to help build wells in both Ethiopia and India. The sisters have also spoken at the New York Chapter of the United Nations, and On Dec. 1, they taught visitors of the Crow Collection of Asian Art how to make Christmas ornaments using origami. Inspired yet? Luncheon emcee Scott Murray was, too. “What do you want to do when you grow up?” he asked the girls after they’d accepted the swirly blue award. Their answer: “Solve the water problem.” Help them accomplish their goal by visiting their website here, or keep up with their event schedule by liking their Facebook page.

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