A Really Good Find

When Tad Long arrived in Staten Island, N.Y., to help feed Hurricane Sandy victims, he had no doubt he had made the right decision to embark on the 1,500-mile journey. Nolan Ryan told him so. “When I drove up, got out of my van, and saw it sitting there, I kind of felt like, ‘All right, we’re where we are supposed to be,’ ” said Good Shepherd Episcopal School’s director of outdoor education. The “it” in question was a beaten and battered Ryan baseball card lying on the curb, like a calming force amidst all of the destruction. This morning, Long, his fellow relief workers, and nine lucky Good Shepherd students took that card to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. They were there to get Ryan to autograph the card so that Good Shepherd could include it in the school’s annual spring auction. All of the proceeds from the sale of the card will go directly to Hurricane Sandy relief.

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