UP Woman’s Frugal Ways Lead to Sweet Vacation

Amy Newman is set to conquer the world. Also Santa.

I like obscure jewelry and tailored jeans as much as the next girl, but I swear to you, discount shopping is a hardwired form of hunting and gathering. A bloodsport, even. And as much as it seems to make other Dallas women wince, I’ll blurt out any item’s origins after getting a compliment (“Ross!” “The internet!” “Forever 21, even though I’m 30 and you’re a Chanel executive [true story] and I wish I could stop talking right now!” “My best friend’s closet, because of this stain right here!”)

At any rate, Tuesday Morning is a fine place to scratch such an itch. Stop me if this sounds like PR talk, but the merch is truly of good quality, it’s a locally headquartered company, and apparently they’re giving away weeklong vacations, of all things. Per a press release today, University Park resident Amy Newman just won a high-end, all-expenses paid trip for two to San Francisco, via a sweepstakes entry at the store on Luther Lane.


One thought on “UP Woman’s Frugal Ways Lead to Sweet Vacation

  • December 7, 2012 at 11:49 am

    It’s truly amazing how much you can save when you are conscious of price and searching for a deal. I get extremely excited when I buy something, anything really, at a huge discount.


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