PD Ordinance Sparks Another Special Meeting

Last night’s University Park City Council meeting ended with a charge to the Park Cities YMCA to bring back new information for the council to decide on at a special meeting next week.

The discussion over the Y’s PD Ordinance took a turn early as the council vote to allow the Y use indoor measurements to calculate square footage failed. This caused the council to revert back to the Nov. 6 approval which dictates that the space be defined by the outside walls.

However, the use of the inside outside dimensions cuts down on the space of the Y’s facility by more than 2,000 square feet. The Y had their hand on the self-destruct button as they met twice during the meeting to discuss whether to pull the project. The next 45 minutes of discussion at City Hall came down to the Y being able to add some non-activity space in the garage below, but under strict specifications of amount of space and what they would be limited to.

Now the council will met at a special meeting sometime next week. The date is tentatively set for Tuesday, Dec. 10. The rest of the ordinance was largely uncontested and will still be drafted with changes made available via email before the Dec. 18 vote.

Look for more on the council meeting in this Park Cities People.

One thought on “PD Ordinance Sparks Another Special Meeting

  • December 5, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Is there ever a case in any instance where a building is measured using “inside dimensions” when being vetted for zoning square footage? What a gimmick.


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