Park Cities YMCA Ordinance Debate Continues

At the Nov. 20 University Park City Council meeting, the council decided to postpone talking about the Park Cities YMCA’s PD ordinance. Tonight they plan to give their say on the stipulations for the Y’s redevelopment.

Michelle was at the Nov. 16 meeting when the council discussed some of the issues surrounding traffic flow and whether the fields could be used on Sundays. Some were wondering if that space should be treated like park space or private property, with Sunday usage requiring prior approval by the council.

But there are still some debilitating concerns that could keep this project from happening. Even though the council unanimously approved the Y’s proposed 52,000-square-foot plan that would have an additional 10 percent of non-activity space, it seems that there could be an issue with how that square footage will be calculated.

All this and more, tonight at 5 p.m. in UP City Hall.

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