Fullosophie Dishes Out a Roadmap to Healthy Eating

Fullosophie owners Tarin Holcomb and Jess Shain. (Photo courtest of Heather Hawkins Photography)

We are officially in the 24-hour countdown of our country’s greatest day of eating. If you’re like me, you get tunnel vision for the mashed potatoes and gravy, and two hours later you’re in a food coma on the couch. I am on a mission to change that routine this year, so I went to the experts.

The ladies behind Fullosophie, a new “farm to fork” delivery service in Dallas, shared some advice about how to remain happy and healthy during tomorrow’s feast. This is a “no food left behind” game plan, so it’s definitely something I can support. Check out the tips below, and pick up today’s copy of Park Cities People to read the full story.

Surviving Thanksgiving 101:

  • After your hours of inhaling food are said and done, find a turkey trot near you. You will burn off the guilt you accumulated during your feast, and this might justify that second (or third) piece of pumpkin pie. Who doesn’t want to run with 38,000 of your closest friends?
  • Turkey, turkey, turkey. Eat it, and lots of it. But don’t go crazy with the gravy. Turkey is a great source of protein, but people tend to cancel out its health benefits by smothering it with that creamy accomplice.
  • Speaking of cream, avoid rich, creamy sides, and give some TLC to those veggies. If you just can’t say no, be sure to stick to a reasonable portion size.
  • Be weary of cranberry sauce. It can contain a boatload of sugar. Do a little preparation ahead of time (like, now) and buy the sugar-free version.

What about you? Is there one dish that you’re looking forward to the most? I’ll keep it our little secret if it doesn’t meet these health standards.

Happy feasting!

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