This Just in: Karen Kingsbury Rocks, is Great Mother

Yesterday, I learned that Karen Kingsbury’s book signing at Lincoln Park Barnes & Noble was cancelled. I was disappointed. I expressed this through (good-humored) snark, which my mother always told me was one of my most attractive qualities.

Today, I received this email:

A recent article published online at Preston Hollow People has come to Karen Kingsbury’s attention. She canceled upcoming book signings these past weeks because her son had emergency shoulder surgery due to a football injury. Karen felt that she had to stay home and help her son prepare for and heal from this surgery. I hope you can understand. Karen offers her sincerest apologies to all those who were planning to attend the signings. Karen’s favorite part about being an author is meeting all of her reader friends!

For the record, Karen, I still would have bought The Bridge. But now I’ll probably buy everything else you’ve ever written, too. Just as soon as I’ve finished eating my words.

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