Doctor Doctor, You’re in The News

These docs are ready to rock

Qualities I look for in a doctor: great degree, high quality care, professionalism, and musical talent.

Okay, so that last one’s a new add-on. But until recently, I had no idea how many doctors were out there splitting time between surgery centers and center stage. Take Doctor Doctor, for instance: a five-man group of doctors/musicians led by Park Cities resident (and orthopaedic surgeon) Dr. Buz Burkhead.

Curious? They’ve got a gig coming up at the Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash on Saturday, Oct. 27 at the Fairmont.  The event website promises costumes, dancing, auction items, and a “spine tingling” performance by the band. Love that orthopaedic humor.

No promises that Dr. Burkhead’s YouTube sensation “I’d Get Fat to Feel Better” will be performed on Saturday, but here’s hoping.

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