Are You Being Watched by People?

People Newspapers, that is.

If you picked up a copy of today’s Park Cities People, I hope you skimmed through our shiny new society section, “People Watching.” If you did, you may have noticed a link hiding at the bottom. Here’s a hint about what you’ll find if you click on it: extra event coverage, more of the bold(ed) and the beautiful, plus a post soirée note, just for fun. Curious? Check out the gallery here.

If you’d like to be seen on the scene, have your people contact my People (or, you know, email me at

Happy social season!

One thought on “Are You Being Watched by People?

  • October 19, 2012 at 8:16 pm

    Constructive criticism: Yes, it’s free and it’s your sandbox, but the new People Watching site needs work.

    Right now, the user experience is as follows: click on gallery, go to page with a bunch of thumbnails, click on a thumbnail, look at slightly larger thumbnail with caption, click to enlarge, look at gigantic full size image, hit the back button, go back to slightly larger thumbnail with caption, hit the back button, go back to the thumbnail page, click on the next thumbnail. It’s all very 1997.

    At the very least, the photos need to be viewable in a manageable size in a slideshow format with “next” and “previous” buttons like pretty much every other site these days. And don’t cheat and make the entire page reload each time we click to view the next photo – we all know that the sole purpose of this is to artificially drive up page views, but it’s a time consuming process and will aggravate your users every bit as much as the current setup.


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