Not Your Everyday State Fair Photos

In August (which, for the record, feels like one million years ago) I was given the opportunity to write about photographer Leonard Volk.

Quick rundown: Highland Park native. 84 years old. Published a book of photographs and essays titled everyday that’s anything but ordinary.

The gist of that long-ago article? Volk doesn’t just look at things. He sees them. And usually, it’s in a different way than others do. For proof, check out these recent photos of the fair his daughter-turned-publicist Alison just sent my way.

"C'mere, you."

Jump for more photos of the fairgrounds.

Big Tex from behind. Now why didn't we think of that...

I mean, who takes a picture of the back of Big Tex, or of his hand stretched out as if he’s about to capture a butterfly? Answer: Leonard Volk. How very everyday of him.

One thought on “Not Your Everyday State Fair Photos

  • October 20, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    I recently picked up a neat old photograph at a local antique store. It’s a close up of Big Tex, from the back, his outstretched left hand appearing to hold a gondola car. It has a “feel” very similar to the first picture shown in this post. I’m glad to have the photograph, especially after yesterday’s fire.


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