Senior Citizen Scammer Caught by Police

Security footage at the Inwood Tavern helped police identify and arrest a man who had grifted more than $100,000  in over a year from elderly victims across North Dallas.

Ricky Carr, 53, and some accomplices, allegedly took advantage of these senior citizens by pretending to be a Dallas police officers investigating bank fraud. Carr was arrested Oct. 2 on a felony theft charge.

The ploy was that the only way to check the money wasn’t counterfeit was to withdraw large amounts of cash from the bank — one victim handed over more than $30,000 cash — and give it to the “investigator” for inspection. He would leave and the victims would never see their money again.

The Inwood Tavern footage shows the elderly suspect use a walker to make her way inside the tavern to meet the suspect and then leave later to hand over $15,000 cash.

Check out this week’s Preston Hollow People for more.

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