HP Native Bravely Sells Fro-Yo to Fried Food Crowd

In my four-odd years in Dallas, I’ve been to the State Fair of Texas once — last year. I drank a margarita (legally a “malted beer beverage” or something) that was in a foil sack, ate fried butter, dodged a bunch of kissy teenage couples, and tried to bond with a heavily tranquilized kangaroo family. That was pretty much it.

This year will be different. And that’s because Highland Park native Cassie Uptmore has me honestly yearning for the frozen yogurt flavors she’s peddling under the gaze of Big Tex: chocolate pudding, lemon drop, caramel corn, and quite a bit more. But mostly the caramel corn.

I wrote about Uptmore, who is young and funny and cynical enough to take seriously, in our Sept. 28 issue. And I’m keeping her on my radar because she’ll be doing a “celebrity chef” cooking demo at the fair — with a dish that’s yet to be determined, as far as I know — this Saturday at 11 a.m.

The Cassie’s Frozen Yogurt founder’s specialty is pretty obvious, but even she has jumped on the deep-frying bandwagon. So this could be a wild card.

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