Caruth Hills Says, ‘Whoa!!! Drive Slow’

For the past two weeks, you may have noticed a new yard sign in addition to the legion promoting SMU, high school sports, and elementary school carnivals. Members of the Caruth Hills & Homeplace Neighborhood Association have put out their semi-annual “Whoa!!! Drive Slow” signs.

Caruth Hills is the area between Central Expressway and Airline Road, north of Lovers Lane and south of Northwest Highway. Many drivers come speeding off Central into this residential area, needing a special reminder that they are no longer on the highway.

“Slowing the speeds of cars entering our neighborhood will make the streets safer for all drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, especially since school is now under way,” said Shelley Huber, director of the “Whoa!” campaign.

If you live within the boundaries of CHHNA and want a sign for your yard, check out the association’s website.

“This campaign is just one of CHHNA’s initiatives,” said John Swank, CHHNA’s president, who emphasized that CHHNA is not a homeowners association, but one where neighbors connect voluntarily. “Its mission is to advance the safety, beautification, and general quality of life and well-being of our neighborhood. By doing that, we hope to enhance and preserve its warmth, vitality and special nature for future generations.”

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