12-Year-Old Bases Company on “Quality and Money”

Cameran Barber stands with two of his signature boards in the workshop he and his father, Scott, do their work for the Cameran Crown Collection. Photo credit: Andrew Buckley

Cameran Barber isn’t like most 12-year olds.

But being the founder of a profitable skateboard business has that effect sometimes.

In this week’s, Preston Hollow People, I profiled the seventh grader who started the Cameran Crown Collection, a skateboard and long board company that he runs out of his father’s house in Bluffview.

Make the jump for an inside look.

After one kid in the neighborhood wanted to purchase a simple, plywood long board that Cameran and his dad, Scott, built, the two realized they were on to something.

Scraping the plywood template, they began what would evolve into a company that provides high-quality boards and uses a custom process for applying graphics. In just under a year of becoming an LLC, the two put up a profit in just a few months. They have since branched out into selling their own brand of wheels, clothing, and grip tape as well as providing their signature decks to businesses like Dr Pepper, Venom Energy, and Lover’s Pizza.

The two are even in the works to create boards with the artwork of FC Dallas soccer player Brek Shea.

The biggest surprise about Cameran was his pure heart for entrepreneurism. He talked with me about the future of the company, the struggles of  being a kid who sells products out of a car trunk, and how he calculates his business decisions. Bill Gates and skateboarder/entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek, are big influences in his life.

After he gave me an off-the-cuff sales pitch, I immediately saw why he’s driven to been so successful.

Read more about this young business man at Preston Hollow People newsstands now.

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