SMU Caps Student Parties at 400 Guests

The SMU Social Event Registration Committee announced a new rule this summer that caps the maximum number of on-campus party attendees at 400, the Daily Campus reported today.

To which I say: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I understand the move from a liability standpoint, but from a practical standpoint it’s a nightmare. Hoarding cats at a tuna factory.

“Oh, fellas, we’re at 399. Either start throwing people out or this hot freshman needs to stand here on the stoop.”

This gentleman summed it up best:

“I don’t think it’s going to stand. They’re going to have to amend it,” said vice president of public relations for SMU Interfraternity Council Billy Embody. “[People are] pretty upset, angry, and even disappointed and confused.”

Even disappointed!

So next time you slide by Frat Row on your way home from dinner on a Saturday, bring your calculator and your cell phone, and get to counting.

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