Lamplighter Kicks Off Shoe Drive By Donating Nearly 1,500 Shoes

Lamplighter kids went back to class barefoot after donating their shoes to Soles4Souls, a non-profit organization that collects new and used shoes for victims of abject suffering and poverty. Through mid-Sept., students and parents will be able to donate shoes, then students will help load the shoes onto trucks heading worldwide with the Soles4Souls organization.

They have already donated nearly 1,500 shoes, and hope to collect many more this week.

“It was amazing to see the children’s faces as they donated their shoes and walked back to classrooms barefoot,” said Lamplighter parent Nancy Buss in a press release. “By that way, they were able to feel empathy for those without shoes and pride in themselves for giving to others and providing a solution at the same time.”

To see more pictures of cute Lamplighter’s, click the jump.

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