‘Junioryearproblems’ Should be Trending Hashtag

Now that I have officially completed one six-day rotation of my junior year, all I can say is can I drop out of school now? when they say “junior year is hard,” they mean it.

An essay on Imperialism and Native Americans, page after page of AP U.S. History and honors English reading, three hours of pre-cal, a Latin translation, and a pretty tricky software download for physics — and that was only after one class of each! Hockaday must really want me to do well in life, I guess. Or make me die a terrible, slow, educated death. And I have yet to start the infamous Junior Research Paper.

Whatever school you go to in Dallas, junior year was designed to be hard. A lot of people are taking AP and honors classes for the first time, and you’re just going to have a lot of homework. I hear from my sources at St. Mark’s and ESD that we’re basically all on the same level. And in the words of Miley, “It’s the climb.”

But don’t get me wrong; I love that I’m being challenged. Because let’s be honest — Orange Beach, Ala., public schools would not have really done anything for me. Hockaday provides a fabulous place for me to share my ideas. It also provides an excellent environment for me to eat Oreos and talk about boys while arguing politics with a science teacher.

Imani Chet Lytle

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