Send Us Your Back-to-School Photos

I was already going to ask readers for their first-day-of-school photos before I saw the cover of today’s New York Times. After a conversation about parents choosing between designer fashions for kids vs. whatever’s on sale at Target, I envisioned a page full of students sporting the outfits they/their folks picked out for that all-important first impression of the semester. Then I read this in the Old Gray Lady:

In a shift that is delaying retailers’ plans, many children, teenagers and their parents are delaying their school purchases. A desire to get the trends right accounts for some of the hesitation.

Great! That means this fashion spread I’m envisioning could be a public service — kids and their parents could get an idea of what their peers are wearing at multiple campuses. If you have the courage to set the trends, send a photo of your first-day-of-school outfit to

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