Jesuit’s Not Playing Around With iPad Plan

So Dan sent me (de facto education reporter) a link to Jesuit’s new iPad policy yesterday with the following quip: “As soon as the school gives you an iPad, they give you homework. Bittersweet.”

Seems true, sure, at least in terms of required apps and coursework purchases. But  the bullet points under a big tab called Key Discussion Points From iPad Distribution caught me sooner. Here a few, probably in reference to message boards, server use, social media, and such:

  • The myth of privacy
    • Not a locked door
    • Not a private space
    • Consider tech communications public speech
  • Not an appropriate forum for
    • emotionally ‘hot’ topics
    • heavy conflict or grievance
    • expression of extreme emotion
    • insensitive jokes or comments
  • Some traps to consider
    • Temptation to be the funny guy, spotlight
    • Impulsive situations
    • Risk of self harm and harm to others
    • Legal implications

When I first skimmed the above, I was chuckling, like, “Ba-ha. Duh.”  But you know what?  Kids are vulnerable as all get-out, and even adults break these rules all the time. No news there.

I have a friend (of a friend) who once wrote a profane, scathing resignation letter that he meant to forward to his own email address for venting purposes and major editing. Then, in keeping with the laws of nature, the dude accidentally hit the “send to whole entire ginormous company” button. There’s also my uncle — a good man, I’ll swear to it — who cheerfully posts photos from the time he worked at La Bare in the ’70s. And he probably still hasn’t figured out his Facebook privacy settings.

Jesuit, you’re onto something.

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