Preston Hollow Curve Causes Wrecks Weekly

As I was hunting down Dallas police reports last week, I came across an interesting sentence made by a reporting officer. He was reporting on a car that was found wrecked in the 4300 block of Bluffview Boulevard and wrote that hat the curvature of the road was “very bad” and caused drivers to wreck “weekly.”

And from the sound of the police report, it seems like it’s bad for sure.

The officer wrote that the abandoned gray 2005 Mercury Cougar XR7 had ran up on the corner’s curb and had a wrecked front end as well as damaged rims and tires — my guess is that it was abandoned because it was immobile.

But a quick search brought up only a few accidents reported in the last year, meaning either people are jumping the curbs and driving off with damaged egos or not that many happen.

Is this really a epicenter for accidents? If it is, let me know in the comments. Or if you’ve met your match — no judgment here — send me an email to

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