Cougars, Kittens May be Heading to Burleson Park

Some time in the past 10 years, the term “cougar” started seeping into the American vernacular. It’s usually used by older women with a bit too much self-esteem, or frat boys seeking the physical attention of those same women.

I’ve always loathed the term; can’t an older woman just be attractive?

Well, now, a group called Cougars vs. Kittens is petitioning University Park to host a kickball tournament in Burleson Park, all in the name of charity. From their park request to the city:

“The double elimination tournament is followed by a championship game between the 1 remaining Cougar and 1 remaining Kitten teams. Participants form teams consisting of Cougars (women over age 35) or Kittens (women under age 35).”

The tournament would be on March 30. The group hopes to raise $50,000, which would then be donated to the homeless animal organization Paws in the City.

That group, coincidentally, is run by a woman named Tara Harper. She would — by nearly every definition of the term — be defined as a cougar.

City Council takes up the request tomorrow, at 5.

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