Get Your Cheap Home Furnishings, Thanks to a Closed Business

Market @ Home, we hardly knew thee.

It’s always jarring to see a failed Snider Plaza business. It happens, of course, but with the foot traffic and the clientele, it always seems like it shouldn’t.

That takes us to Market @ Home, the home furnishings and decor shop that lasted about a year before bowing out earlier this summer. Now, their loss is your gain.

The shop (or their creditors, it’s tough to tell) are having an auction Aug. 2, to try and salvage some of the loss. You can check out the goods at Rosen Systems, the auction house. I have my eye on this pretty sweet birdhouse,  these seemingly timeline-misplaced old computers, and the “shelf of assorted cleaning supplies and medical supplies,” because of course they were on the same shelf.

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