New Fire House May be Headed For Preston Center

A couple items of note in tomorrow’s City Plan Commission docket, most notably a rezoning case that will allow a new firehouse to be built in Preston Center. I’ll be in attendance, so we’ll probably have a quick update tomorrow afternoon.

First item:

REQUEST: An application for the creation of a new Subarea within Tract 1 of Planned Development District No. 314, the Preston Center Special Purpose District.

SUMMARY:  The purpose of the request is to create a new Subarea that will permit the City of Dallas to construct a new fire station, by right, on the site.  The new Subarea will also permit some modifications to the yard setbacks and landscaping requirements.

Public safety. Huzzah!


REQUEST: An application for an amendment to Specific Use Permit No. 1062 for a restaurant without drive-in or drive through service on property within Tract 1 of Planned Development District No. 314, the Preston Center Special Purpose District.

SUMMARY: The purpose of the request is to amend the landscape plan and conditions. The landscaping plan the City Council approved in October 1990, will become non-compliant as a result of the construction of a new fire station on the adjacent property.

No fire house, but maybe a drive-thru? Another huzzah!

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