SMU Students Smoke Weed, Blame Air Freshener

At least that’s how I interpreted this July 2 SMU police blotter item:

120618    9:43 PM.    Fire Alarm:    Shuttles Hall/6212 Hillcrest Avenue.    UPFD responded to an active fire alarm.  It was determined it was caused by occupants of the room sprayed a large amount of air freshener that set off the smoke detector and activated the fire alarm.  UPFD confirmed there to be no smoke or fire and cleared with no further incident.    Closed.

I think we may be dealing with a cause/effect conundrum, no? Sort-of a strange time to be doing a little cleaning/air freshening.

One thought on “SMU Students Smoke Weed, Blame Air Freshener

  • July 10, 2012 at 9:28 am

    I guess they didn’t learn to stuff the dryer sheets into the paper towel tube and blow into there.


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