An HP Resident Wants to Sell You His Bong

They were not lying. It is very clean. Source: Craigslist

Georgia struck gold a few weeks back when she found the “I’ll trade you a Maltese for a Macbook” Craigslist ad.

Well, we now have someone you wants to sell you his “water pipe.” According to the ad, the bong’s “only been used a couple of times but hits great and clean.” I don’t know if “hits great and clean” is an expression, or just poor grammar, but that pipe does look pretty clean.

Oh and it’s not broken or anything: “I just don’t need it anymore.” He’s moved up, probably has a super-sweet three-footer he’s currently plowing through as we speak, with The Price is Right on in the background.

A few things:

  • There isn’t a better market for selling used bongs than Craigslist?
  • Really, anywhere is probably better than Craigslist, where your phone number is displayed for literally the entire world to see.
  • Anyone recognize that kitchen?

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