HP Grad “Dons Thong, Thrusts at Married Woman”

Things the Morning News was better at than us, this week: writing that headline.

Seems HP grad Alex Stein is on the new reality show Glass House, a Big Brother rip-off that’s such a rip-off that the CBS show has taken the ABC show to court. Anyway, Stein is in jeopardy of getting booted out of the house after only the first episode, prompting the DMN to run this headline:

Highland Park grad dons thong, thrusts at married woman on ABC reality show

It caught my attention, and don’t think I missed the unconscious connection between the fourth and fifth words in that headline.

Stein apparently goes by “The 99 Man” or “PrimeTime 99,” went to LSU, is a freestyle rapper, and has a slew of other take-home-to-meet-mom-and-dad qualities.

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