Got Broken Glass From The Hail? Don’t Try to Recycle it.

This info blurb from the city passed over my desk earlier today:

While glass containers are one of the city’s accepted recycling materials in both the Big Blue recycling roll carts and the public blue bins, the City DOES NOT collect window glass, plate glass, light bulbs, ceramics, mirrors, pyrex or fiberglass in its recycling program.

I mean, I get it. You can’t have a ton of broken glass rolling around in a recycling truck. But there are no bottles that break in the regular recycling process? None? If there are, the city can’t help people out this one time? The time their skylights smashed because ham sandwich-sized hail came through their roofs? I don’t buy it.

Instead, the city offers this:

Residents with broken glass such as those described above should place the glass in brown paper bags and then dispose of the bagged glass in their gray garbage roll cart.

So, trash all that perfectly recyclable glass. Don’t, say, put that broken glass in a recyclable plastic tub or glass jar, then recycle the whole lot. Trash it.

The 21st century, everyone!

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