Next Stretch of Beverly Drive Rehab Begins

Since I’ve started at Park Cities People, Beverly Drive has been under construction. That’s not entirely true, but seems like it.

And now, the next phase has begun. Road crews have taken to the stretch of Beverly between Fairfield and Lakeside, kicking off 30 days of resurfacing, rehabilitating, and general American engineering. The project does come with some caveats. From the town:

In order to facilitate the preparation of the sub-grade for the new curb and gutter, it will be necessary to refrain from watering the area adjacent to the curb and gutter while the work is being performed.  The Town requests that residents be aware of work that is being done directly in front of their homes, and turn off sprinklers until it is completed.

So, no watering the curb. I know that should go without saying, but the amount of curb-watering I’ve seen in Dallas is pretty incredible.

That chunk of Beverly will be closed to through traffic, but open to residents. Plan accordingly.

One thought on “Next Stretch of Beverly Drive Rehab Begins

  • June 15, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Highly unlikely that any of the houses uphill on Beverly from that site will give a damn about changing their watering habits. Especially since they aren’t even likely to be the ones in charge of watering at their homes.


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