Lost a Pet? Found one? We’ll Tell Your Neighbors.

I have a soft spot for animals — one that gets me and people I care about into trouble sometimes.

I’ve begged and cried to be let out of my mother’s car in order to carry a crossing turtle across an interstate highway (I was, like, 27. And Mom wasn’t just angry; she thought me legally insane and probably still does). I talked my exasperated college boyfriend into adopting Beverly, the pregnant cat who showed up, walked right through the front door, and went into fake labor the day I was moving. I once took a “summer job” at a vet clinic and stuck around for two years. And so on.

Anyway. It’s sad for anyone to lose a pet, so I hope to keep promoting our Good Neighbor page, which serves an occasional lost/found-animal bulletin board and also a platform to discuss community events and other miscellany (a recent pet post even got deleted, because so-and-so had found a home). Online readers do seem to visit Good Neighbor, and I don’t mind drawing attention via this blog. Plus it’s free.

That said, there’s a new cat on the lam: Bronson.

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