Does University Park Need Scooter Parking?

This is not D-Money. It is, if Google is to be believed, a gentleman named Ted, who probably needs a bigger scooter.

A friend of mine — let’s call her, hmm, D-Money — lives in University Park. D-Money’s got a little Honda Metropolitan scooter she zips around town on, though “zips” may be the wrong verb since she tops out around 30 mph.

Anyway, we were talking the other day about scooter parking, in Snider Plaza and and other lots around the city. She doesn’t want to take up a full space with only one scooter, but also doesn’t want to get a ticket for parking it in a fire zone or on the curb.

Should University Park convert some parking spaces in scooter spaces, with, maybe, three slots per vehicle parking spot? Or would that just further enrage drivers and shop owners in Snider Plaza, where parking spaces are about as rare as Redskins fans? I left a message this morning for UP public works director Bud Smallwood to get his take; I’ll update accordingly.

3 thoughts on “Does University Park Need Scooter Parking?

  • June 15, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    I am a UP resident who also drives a scooter and I work at a retail store in Snider Plaza. I have also been looking into how we can change the scooter parking issue in the city. I have checked with several retailers and they would gladly sign a petition to the city- either allowing sidewalk parking or designated scooter parking areas. We are not being very forward thinking as a city, if we penalize people trying to ride a scooter and force them to take parking spots instead of a car in a retail area with very limited parking. Look how many drive mopeds all over Europe- it is encouraged, not discouraged. I stopped and talked recently to a Dallas motorcycle cop who was parked on the sidewalk (usually UP gives tickets for that) right outside Kubys. I explained to him the problem we were having and he was very surprised by our policy and said in Dallas they never ticket for that as long as the sidewalk is not completely obstructed. Seems to me we have an ordinance in place that is just enforced because it is there and has not been thought through based on our current economy and times. Scooter equals less gas used, less large vehicles on our already crowded streets and more parking available for customers in Snider Plaza. Let’s get this fixed!!! It seems to be a win-win for everyone involved except for the city who is enjoying the revenue from all the tickets they issue.

  • June 19, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Doesn’t the ADA requires sidewalks maintain a certain width of clearance in shopping areas?
    Scooters are great, but sidewalks are for pedestrians only.


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