Yavneh Academy Throws Farewell Party For O’Quinn

Yavneh Academy said “Shalom” to Don O’Quinn, their head of school since 1998, at a tribute brunch last Sunday. Dr. David Portnoy will take over as the new head of school this fall, and for more information on him, click here.

“Fourteen years ago, Yavneh was in its fifth year, its third location, and our third Head of School departed. With 23 students, Don, a ‘master physics teacher’ and past principal from Highland Park, came to us from way outside his cultural sphere,” said Steven Rosenberg in a press release, who co-Chaired the Tribute Brunch with his wife Ruthy.

“Don guided us, prodded us, held us true to our mission, and created a school which produces selfless, smart, articulate, and well-rounded leaders who care tremendously for their fellow students, their Jewish culture, and are committed to repairing the world at large.”

Don O'Quinn received a standing ovation for his service at Yavneh Academy

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