How Much Would You Pay to Rent Six Square Feet?

Six square feet.

That’s probably smaller than the desk you’re sitting at right now, and definitely less smaller than the bed you’d sleep in tonight. So how much would you pay to rent a chunk of grass that size?

For the Prestonwood East Homeowners Association, that answer’s $1,020.

The City Council approved a one-time license fee for the association at this morning’s council meeting, on which PEHA will install a sign. The plot, at Hillcrest Road and LaBolsa Drive, is currently grass, according to the wonders of technology. The license, city documents indicate, is revocable, so PEHA better watch their step.

And $1,020 kind of seems like a steal, right? A quick poll of the office drew guesses of $5,000 and $10,000 for the plot, so maybe the city left some cash on the table.

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