What Were Bon Jovi, Mark Cuban, and Dirk Nowitzki Doing Last Weekend?

Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Cuban, and Jon Bon Jovi all partied at Marks' mansion this weekend for Tiffany Cuban's birthday

They were all celebrating Tiffany Cuban’s 40th birthday in their Preston Hollow Mansion. For her 40th, Mark invited some of Tiffany’s closest friends for a private rock concert under an enormous air-conditioned tent pitched on their property.

Jack Ingram opened for Jon Bon Jovi, and he reportedly played (my personal favorites) this song, and this one too. According to The Dallas Morning News, Tiffany even received an engraved white-gold Cartier watch for the rock star. What more could you ask for?

Mark, I would start planning Tiffany’s 50th now, because this one will be pretty hard to top.

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