Keffer Leads in District 114 Early Voting

As of 7 p.m., Bill Keffer leads Jason Villalba and David Boone in the District 114 race for state representative.

Early voting totals — 4,100 votes — put Keffer at 47 percent, Villalba at 41 percent, and Boone trailing with 12 percent. Take a look for yourself.

UPDATE, 10:40 p.m: Villalba has passed Keffer and is now in the lead, 45.09 percent to 42.29 percent. Boone trails greatly, only netting 12.61 percent.

UPDATE, 11:15 p.m.: The pendulum has swung once again. With only 4 precincts still unaccounted for, Keffer now leads, 47.41 percent to Villalba’s 41.16 percent. Keffer’s lead is 602 votes.

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