Rawlings Notes Own Ethics Gaffe at DISD Forum

You know that (Mayor) Mike Rawlings-endorsement-thing that happened in the DISD school-board race? The one that candidate Jennifer Levy quickly slammed as being unethical)? Well, Rawlings talked about it — amid some chuckles — this morning during an ethics-and-education forum at SMU.

After discussing whether the availability of top-quality education is an ethical move on a community’s part, Rawlings had this:

This ethics thing in education is important to me, because I’m up on ethics charges in regards to education. For those of you that don’t know, I personally decided to endorse candidates in the board of trustees election, and I’ve got an ethics complaint against me. So suddenly I’m up here talking about ethics, and maybe I’m not the most ethical guy. It’s a tricky little conundrum I’m in.

Today he’ll give his official response to the complaint, which was filed by District 9 candidate Demarcus Offord.

“I just try to do what Spike Lee says,” Rawlings said a moment later, “and that’s do the right thing.”

Don’t forget: Election Day is Saturday.

I’ve visited with all four DISD candidates, and we’ll run their thoughts from the homestretch in Friday’s paper. Claire St. Amant is covering the election for our May 18 issue.

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