You Can Keep Track of the Highland Park Town Hall Construction, Just Don’t Try to do it on The Highland Park Website

Fridays are slow around here, like every office. We call sources, they rarely call back.

That leaves us with a decent amount of time to scour the websites of the municipalities, schools, and other groups we cover. Today I took to Highland Park’s site.

On the front page is the tab “Construction Updates.” I clicked through, hoping there might be some updated town hall renovation figures. I clicked again, through to the “DPS and Town Hall Renovation Project” link. Last updated? January 5.

But wait, there’s a light. “Check out the latest updates on our blog!” Helpful, I thought.

I clicked through to a Blogger site, complete with elevations drawings, slide shows, the works. The only problem? It was last updated in July 2011.

Town officials have said they’re planning on sending out brochures and information to area residents affected by the construction. Maybe they should turn to their website as well.

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