(Mayor) Rawlings to Speak at DISD Forum

Free Saturday? All DISD trustee candidates (folks gunning for a seat in district 1, 3, or 9) have signed on for a 10 a.m. forum at the Museum of Biblical Art. Mike Rawlings — known dually as “Mayor Mike Rawlings,” though perhaps not in this case —  will give the welcoming remarks.

Yesterday, District 1 candidate Jennifer Levy criticized Rawlings’ public endorsement of Levy’s opponent, Elizabeth Jones — whom he’d praised alongside District 3 candidate Dan Micciche, and incumbent District 9 candidate Bernadette Nutall. Technically, Rawlings made the endorsement as regular guy/private citizen, not as mayor.

Says Levy:

The Mayor, who has prestige and name recognition, is publicly endorsing candidates, in the camouflage of a “regular citizen.” Regular citizens don’t endorse candidates through press releases.

Another District 1 candidate, Michael Greenberg, made an endorsement dis of his own last week, after departing trustee Edwin Flores called Jones “by far the most knowledgeable on school issues,” and “the best choice.”

Says Greenberg:

Edwin and Elizabeth are birds of a feather, so to speak. Both are smart, but have difficulty connecting with the community. It is clear that District 1 voters, parents and teachers are ready for a new, collaborative approach from their representative.

Attorney Roland Love is running against Greenberg, Levy, and Jones. Last week, he told me an endorsement is key.

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