Dallas Passes Permanent Watering Restrictions

Those accustomed to watering their sidewalks while they’re at work will have to change their routines.

This morning, the Dallas City Council approved permanently limiting sprinkler use, either by hose sprinkler or by automatic system, to two days per week. The resolution passed 13-2; Preston Hollow councilwoman Ann Margolin was one of the two nays.

Folks using olde tyme water cans are allowed to water whenever they please.

(I will now put on my opinion hat.)

I get that the Council wants to conserve water. It makes sense. But by driving through North Dallas or the Park Cities, I recognize that these restrictions are violated every day, with little to no repercussions. Code enforcement in Dallas is underfunded, and this will only further tax the system.

It, most likely, is a resolution without teeth.

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